sábado, 3 de abril de 2010

Biografía del Dr. Richard L. Thompson

Richard L. Thompson nació en Binghamton, Nueva York, en 1947. En 1974, recibió su doctorado en matemáticas de la Universidad de Cornell, donde se especializó en probability theory and statistical mechanics. He went on to do research in quantum physics and mathematical biology at the State University of New York at Binghamton, Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, and the La Jolla Institute in San Diego. He is the author of seven books and the producer of six videos on science and philosophy, and he has written many articles for scientific journals and for Back To Godhead, the magazine of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. His most recent book, Maya: The World As Virtual Reality, introduces a theory that this world is actually a virtual reality, a theory which can accommodate empirical evidence for many phenomena that contemporary theories of consciousness cannot. His previous book, Mysteries of the Sacred Universe, discusses evidence of advanced astronomical knowledge in India’s ancient texts known as the Puranas. He has designed exhibits using computer animation and multimedia techniques to present the Vedic cosmology and the Vedic world view to the general populace, and he is presently writing a book discussing the laws of physics and the nature and origin of life.